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Starside Chat Episode 032 - Google Stadia, The Expanse, Destiny 2, Pokemon Sword and Shield

March 20th, 2019

We've been gone for two weeks and we missed a ton in that time, so we're trying to cover as much as possible this week! In particular, we need to discuss Google's Stadia cloud gaming platform!

Also, there's some other news, like Destiny 2's latest update and the latest Pokémon announcement, we need to discuss. But more importantly, Aaron has finally binge watched The Expanse so we start discussing how much we love the show!

[News of the Week]


[It’s time to talk about Destiny again] (46:30)


New Pokémon Game Coming to Switch: (51:03)



[What We’re Playing/Watching] (01:01:36)


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