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Starside Chat Episode 003 - Talking Jeff Goldblum, Augmented Reality, and Battle Royale

May 15th, 2018

On this week's Episode of Starside Chat we spend most of our time discussing Jeff Goldblum, Augmented Reality and the likelihood of games latching onto the Battle Royale craze.

Show Notes:

PS Plus Free Games for April (00:43)  

Xbox Live Free Games for April (02:50)

Assassin’s Creed series (06:06)

Shout out to our friend Mike who redesigned our logo and banner (9:28)

Call of Duty series (10:53)

Far Cry 5 Arcade (15:35)

Battle Royale as a game mode (17:23)

Aaron’s E3 Prediction (18:18)

Back to Far Cry 5 Arcade (21:34)

Jeff Goldblum (23:32)

PUBG mobile players are using mouse and keyboard (34:53)

Phone games and AR (38:27) -

Special Thanks to our friends Mike for the new Logo and to Ryan for our new intro music!

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