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Starside Chat E3 2019 Wrap Show

July 19th, 2019

We haven’t recorded a Starside Chat in awhile because we stopped to focus on E3, then took a bit of a break. But today we’re doing our belated E3 2019 wrap show complete with our top 5 games at E3! We also name the Game of the Show, we name the winner of E3 2019, we talk about the worst things at E3, and we give our early dark horse candidates for game of the year!

It’s a packed show, so settle in cause Starside Chat is back!


Top 5 Games at E3 (01:10)


Honorable Mentions (37:00)


Game of Show (42:04)


Who Won E3 2019? (44:42)


Worst of E3 2019 (51:05)


Early Game of the Year Candidates (54:05)


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